Codename: Deep Fortress

Deep Fortress is an action game whose main character is Bert Brush, a French Republican volunteer who joined the French 9th Armored Company during WWII; the first allied soldier to reach and escape from the Eagle’s Nest in May 1945 – a chalet- style structure erected on a subpeak of the Hoher Göll known as the Kehlstein; a place for Hitler to entertain visiting dignitaries.

The application is initially planned for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC and Flash. We will be using Unity 3D, a commercial engine that will allow us to easily make the game available for different mobile platforms, game stations and desktops. This will mean a considerable reduction in production time and expenses, compared to developing our own engine.

The game will be lineal, consisting of 12 levels set in 4 different areas, which the player will gradually have to undertake to reach the final level. It will have a hardcore look, and will be described as a platform game and an action game; with 2.5D graphics (3D mixed with a flat 2D side view) and 2D cinematics, with very well crafted textures, in order to recreate spectacularly each of the phases of the game.

Bert will carry a number of weapons on him to kill all kind of Nazi enemies and monsters, which he will have to eliminate to survive. He will behave in different ways depending on the weapon he uses.

In addition to the features of the game, we will add platform-specific features that will help increase revenues and socialize the game; InApp, Social (Twitter, Facebook…) and Game Center.